First ebook loss coping for mothers of transgender children now available!

First ebook loss coping for mothers of transgender children now available!

The preliminary results of a small-scale study show that at least half of the mothers of transgender children experience feelings of sadness and loss. I didn’t have that image eight years ago. Then I felt very lonely with my feelings. Not only did my environment not understand me, I didn’t even recognize any other mothers of transgender children. Or recognition.

Since that time I speak openly in the Netherlands about the emotions I have experienced. Many times I have told my story to regional and national media. With the sole motive of supporting other mothers who were having a hard time. My openness has helped, because in the Netherlands I notice that more mothers are very cautious about their grief.

Now I have translated my e-book into English, because I also really want to help mothers who do not live in the Netherlands, or who do not speak Dutch. In my e-book I describe my story about my transgender child. In addition, I give a few tips that can provide guidance in dealing with the loss and grief. It will not disappear as if by magic, but the e-book does provide peace and space.

You can download the ebook through this link. Let me know what you think of my eBook? I am very curious!
Do you need a conversation after reading my e-book? Book your free session here! Do not hesitate, because I will help you with love!

From one mother to another,

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